G3 Canada – Grain Port Facility, Hamilton ON

On the strength of our ongoing work for G3’s growing network of inland grain terminals, CEL was awarded the contract to provide design-build electrical work and instrumentation for G3’s port facility in Hamilton. This included the installation of state-of-the-art automation systems and an advanced dust control system.

The project had a tight 6-month turnaround, and involved two interesting challenges. CEL was tasked with refitting the advanced German-built shiploader system to meet Canadian electrical code. In addition, we worked diligently with the port authority to install a ‘dark sky lighting system’ that minimized light pollution in this highly populated region along Lake Ontario.

Today, the facility is processing 120 to 140 trucks per day, averaging 4.5 minutes/truck. The shiploader system is fully operational, providing a 1,600 tonne/hour shipping capacity.

CEL has extensive experience collaborating with overseas equipment vendors to configure their electrical systems to meet CSA electrical code requirements.